"Before the After" is my most recent collection of work — photographs which reflect the process of responding to an image waiting to be made. These photos, which often appear out-of-focus, were made in the moment of intuition that occurs as I feel a subject or scene and lift my camera to respond. They are not meant to capture the thing itself, but rather the essence of what is drawing me to it. Every photographer knows this moment, which can never be planned or thought out — it is a moment of feeling, the irresistible draw to create. It is the shimmering instant when feeling moves to action.
This body of work is taken from my archives, twenty years of photographing around the world. As I searched for new themes and threads in the work, this is what emerged. 

Amy Kawadler received her BFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art. She relocated to Newport Beach the day after graduation with $300, backpack and one camera. She worked as a photographer in a variety of industries and today Amy is overseeing strategic marketing, curatorial and event management for the photography and cinema communities at Canon Burbank. She sits on the advisory board of The Palm Springs Photo Festival, a preliminary judge for the PhotoBook Now contest and has taught photography at Julia Dean Workshop, Santa Fe Photographic Workshop, PhotoExperience.Net, and Fredric Roberts Photography Workshops among other institutions. She has been published in PDN, Glamour, SI, and NewsPhotographer Magazines. She continues to pursue her own photographic work within the world of corporate life.