Dolores Lusitana is a photographer, designer, and producer living in Venice Beach, CA. When not working on her own projects, she works collaboratively and administratively with other artists to help realize their creative visions via her professional moniker, Situation Book.

The WATERCOLORS series emerged from a late afternoon walk along the Venice Canals, seeking respite from too many hours behind a computer screen. The Canals are a car-free walkway connected by arched bridges and lined with homes that span an array of internationally influenced styles and colors — each of them reflected in endlessly shifting patterns in the waters below. Despite the static foundational elements that define the environment, the subtle, unpredictable forces of nature silently convene to create change. Combined with the given temporal state of mind, those seemingly invisible forces reshape the watery landscape to make each moment unique, fleeting and obsolete. These images are testament to our ever changing perception of reality, within and without, and to beauty sometimes only realized through reflection.