Un-Identified Objects

There is mystery in art. How was it done, how long did it take? What were you thinking? Was a special technique or material employed? Were you at the beach when it happened? Does the art take you away to a distant space when you spend time with it? Away, to the depths of the ocean or the depths of your thoughts.

The world of the miniature, where the viewer is omnipotent and all-seeing, where ordinary objects in time and space of the common perception become transformed and elevated in esthetic stature, to an essential role in the collective whole.

Un-Identified objects whose real identity is a complete abstraction of reality, where an object’s only identifier is that it is art or said to be art.

What it may have been before as un-known now is known. In its treatment and juxtaposition to other elements the distance between a scrap pile or mountain trail to a pristine gallery becomes small. l declare that I’m an artist therefore I am. The work is based on a process called “Intuitive Collecting”. This body of raw material of un-identified displaced elements is therefore transformed. Art.