Salt Lake City based artist, Paige Kershaw, creates paintings inspired by her native West Coast roots. Paige’s art is created by blending small strokes to create a smooth blend of bright hues. By adding water between the layers, she is able to transition the colors seamlessly. Her creations are inspired by the sea, so adding water to her creative process is crucial. By doing this, drips are formed along the uppermost layer of the canvas to make the paintings feel as if they were fished right out of the ocean.

The paintings are all abstract resembling different elements of the deep sea. Whether it be the seashells tucked underneath the jetties, the deepest blues of the water, or the magnificent citrus hues of the sunsets, these paintings will instantly create a coastal feeling in your home, no matter where you are. Paige’s pieces are bound to turn any house into a beach bungalow by highlighting the unrecognized beauties of where the land meets the sea.